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Gratitude is a key ingredient to a happier, more fulfilled life. The more you practice gratitude, the more life will give you to be grateful for!


With these gorgeous minimalist style gratitude journals, you will have what you need to get in the habit of practicing gratitude each and every day. When you practice gratitude and begin to be genuinely grateful for all of the things have you have in life, rather than focusing on what you are lacking, you will begin to notice MAJOR shifts in your life. Practicing gratitude helps you to devlop appreciation for even the little beauties in life, the simple things. Every day there is something that you can be grateful for.


With this beautiful journal, you will notice that each page features two sections; one for the start of your day ("Today I am grateful for...") and a section to end your day ("The best part of my day was..."). This self reflection time is such an amazing way to give yourself some time for the self care you deserve and to set yourself on the track to a positive day, and ending each day on a postivie note as well. 

There are two colour options available- Rose pink and Sage Green.

You will notice that the back sides of each page are blank. You may use this area to doodle, journal, add photos etc. Get creative, or leave it blank, whatever your cup of tea, you will fall in love with this beautiful practice! 

Gratitude Journal

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