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Elisa Donovan trained for her whole life to be an actor. But when her father dies after a brief illness, she realizes that her newest role is to learn how to reconnect with her true self. Wake Me When You Leave tells the awe-inspiring story of the visitations, dreams, and inexplicable synchronicities that make her realize that even after someone dies, they never really leave us. And it's never too late to make peace.

After prominent roles in Clueless and Beverly Hills 90210, Elisa's career was on the fast track. Until her new show is unexpectedly cancelled, her relationship ends, and her father is diagnosed with terminal cancer. This book chronicles Elisa's journey out of despair and heartbreak, with nudges from a subtle spiritual presence that could only be her father looking out for her. Sometimes the universe sends us on a journey that we didn't know we needed. By sharing the lessons and challenges that the universe sent to her, Elisa inspires those who are learning to let go after a loss so they can live again with authenticity, hope, and humor.

Wake Me When You Leave

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