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About Synergy

Wellness Begins Here

Hi I am Stephanie, owner and founder of Synergy Wellness. I began my journey into the world of wellness and holistic modalities years ago, following a very low point in my life. I suffered with severe anxiety and depression and I had no idea why I felt this way or how to help myself. My journey almost came to an end but I truly believe that this did not transpire for a reason. I realized that I have more to achieve in this life, a reason to be here and I promised myself that I would never hit a low like that again. I began studying holistic treatments and products that could help me to achieve and maintain this promise to myself. Over the years I also struggled to find a career that felt right for me. When I began this journey of wellness for myself, I discovered a passion that I had for the amazing things I was uncovering! I realized that I had a strong desire to share this with the world, to dedicate my life to helping people maintain a happy and harmonious lifestyle through the wellness modalities that quite literally saved my life! With that, Synergy was born! Our name encompasses everything we stand for. Through various facets of natural wellness and holistic products and practices, we strive to assist you in attaining and maintaining a happy, high vibe life free of stress and many other ailments. 

For years I hid my story from the world, afraid of being judged, but I realized that so many people feel the same way every day and that its not something to be ashamed of but rather embrace the fact that I am a soul that feels everything so deeply and that my soul has a beautiful purpose.

 Synergy- "An interaction that produces a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts." So how does this relate? When your mind, body and soul are all in a harmonious state working on the same high vibe wavelength together, they are in "Synergy." Together they create an effect on your being that is much more effective than simply focusing on one aspect alone. We strive to assist you in this lifestyle through achieving a clear MIND, a grounded BODY and an enlightened SOUL. Synergy is not simply meant for those suffering with anxiety and depression, there is something to offer to all souls in every walk of life. Wether you are living your best life, experiencing a low, a road block, you are looking to better your physical, metal or emotional and spiritual state or just be, Synergy has something for you, Synergy is for everyone! In this life we all have one thing in common, we all just want to live a happy, high vibe, stress and pain free life and this is what we can guide you toward! I am so excited to share all of this with you!

Meet Stephanie!

Owner and founder of Synergy Wellness

Who . Am . I

I am a wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Reiki practitioner. Energy enthusiast. Relaxation advocate. Animal lover. Crystal healing supporter. A lover of all things related to self care. Ambassador for healing and deepening our connection to our mind, body, soul and universe. I have spent several years studying various facets of natural wellness and holistics, and in turn deepening my understanding of myself and this beautiful world.  I believe there is so much that life has to offer us if we only take the time to honour ourselves and experience it.  


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"Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too"


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