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What if we recharged ourselves

as often as we did our phones?




Make time for yourself

Self care is such an important part of life, especially in this day and age where we are accustomed to such a fast paced lifestyle. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life and forget to take time for you. Over time this can lead to physical, mental exhaustion and burn out. Our emotional and spiritual bodies can suffer as well, leading to other ailments that can manifest in the form of anxiety, stress and depression. It is vital in life to give yourself the time that you deserve. It is so refreshing to unplug for a while and take time to simply focus on you. 
A relaxation massage is a great way to honour your body and has various substantial health benefits ranging from calming the nervous system, improving circulation, promoting a healthy lymphatic system, assists in improved sleep, and mental and emotional well being. 
Let us pamper you! Our revitalizing relaxation massages will bring you to a state of deep relaxation
Your body, mind and soul will thank you!



The mind and the body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that is based on the principal of a Reiki Practitioner utilizing and transferring universal life energy through their hands, to assist your body in facilitating its natural healing ability.

It has become a well- known healing practice. This unseen energy flows through everything and affects our physical body as well as our emotional and spiritual bodies. Scientists refer to it as biofield energy. As a result the body facilitates a natural healing response.

During a Reiki session, you will reach a state of deep relaxation which will allow the body to regenerate and heal on many levels. 

Individuals seek Reiki sessions for the following reasons:

  • To experience deep relaxation

  • De-stress, reduce anxiety and depression

  • Clear toxins from the body 

  • Support the immune system

  • Dissolve energy blocks that may be limiting physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual well being

  • Improve sleep and balance the flow of energy in the body

  • Improve mental focus and clarity

  • Release repressed emotions, negative energies and thoughts that have manifested and heal from traumas

  • Promote pain relief and ease muscle tension 

Sound Healing/ Sound Bath

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What are Sound Baths? How do they work? What are the benefits?

Sound healing/ sound baths are a full body meditation. In sound healing, you lie down comfortably, while a sound practitioner utilizes different methods of vibrational sound and healing energy. It is an highly effective healing tool.

Everything has a vibrational energy- "everything is energy"

even we as humans are energy at a quantum cellular level. 

When we are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, illness, life struggles in general, our natural vibrations run low. 

The vibrations from the sound meditations impact our nervous system in a positive manner. It engages our relaxation reflex, inhibits our stress/ pain reflex and induces an altered state of consciousness whereas we are able to experience growth and healing and balance. When we take part in a sound bath, we are realigning to our natural vibrational state.

During a sound bath, your brain moves to a frequency similar to when you are sleeping which is a healing frequency. This allows you to heal on all levels- spiritual, mental, physical, emotional etc


-Reduces stress/ anxiety

-Lowers anger, increases circulation

-Facilitates deep relaxation and may assist with pain relief

-Balances the chakras

-Increases mental and emotional clarity 

-Promotes happiness and well-being 

-Stimulates the immune system

-Removes blockages from the body

-Assists with recovery from illness/ trauma

-Helps individuals to connect to their higher self

-Balances both hemispheres of the brain

-Sends healing to the cells of the brain

-Helps with sleep 

and much more!

Simply put, sound baths are beneficial for everyone, and are an effective tool to access for so many different reasons! 

Stephanie is a Certified Sound Healing and Reiki Practitioner, who utilizes sound as an additional healing modality offered at Synergy Wellness! 

Keep an eye on our EVENTS page for our next group session! Call or email with any additional questions/ inquiries.

Private group events available upon request

Please note: 

Sound therapy is not recommended for those who are pregnant, suffer with epilepsy or other neurological disorders- without the permission of your medical practitioner. 


Synergy Wellness sound healing experiences are in no way a replacement for traditional medicine. We seek to facilitate mental and physical healing through techniques that are designed to calm and relax the body and create a state of mindfulness and reflection. Through relaxation and mindfulness, the human body’s natural healing processes are strengthened and accelerated.


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