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Amethyst is an amazing crystal that not only features a gorgeous purple colour, but many amazing properties as well. Amethyst is known for the following:


  • Naturally powerful & protective
  • Eases Stress and physical/emotional/ psychological pain
  • Boosts hormone production and metabolism as well as cleanses immune system 
  • Emotionally grounding- alleviates anger, fear, anxiety and assists with grief 
  • Clears negative energy in an environment and cleanses the aura
  • Promotes higher state of consciousness
  • Enhances meditation and spiritual awareness
  • Strong healing and cleansing properties 
  • Assists with overcoming addictions and blockages 
  • Can promote calmness or be stimulating as needed 
  • Facilitates focus, decision making, memory and motivation
  • Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts 
  • Assists with insomnia and nightmares


Size, shape, colour, textures etc may vary.

Amethyst Stones (small)

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