When water is infused with crystal vibrations, it is then charged with the healing properties of the stone, and can be used to promote healing and wellness. 

Some benefits include: rejuvenation and support of the body, mind & soul, decreased stress & anxiety, improved energy and well-being


This glass water bottle not only has a gorgeous contemporary look, paired with the amazing healing benefits of crystal infusion, it is also great for the following features:

  • Perfect for hot or cold beverages 
  • Comes with removable infuser 
  • Includes removable filter basket


Glass water bottles have many benefits from being free of the contaminates of plastic, easy for cleaning, holds temperature & most of all, they are environmentally friendly!  


Available in Rose Quartz and Amethyst!

Thank you for caring for our environment!

Crystal Infusion Water Bottle

  • How to use infuser/ filter basket:

    • Put tea leaves or fruit into the bottle then pour water and place the filter basket in and enjoy!
    • Put tea leaves in the infuser then add water for infusing.