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These gorgeous selenite bracelets are just what you need to protect yourself and your aura from negative vibes! The evil eye is said to protect the wearer from ill intentions thought or wished negatively toward them. It is said to also ward off negative thoughts and protect you. Paired with the lovely selenite beads, which posess the following properties, this bracelet is the ultimate for keeping those bad vibes away!


Selenite is known for the following properties:


It is a high vibration crystal. It is known for:


- Can cleanse other crystals

- Brings clarity of mind

- Calming

- Great for spiritual work and meditation 

- Protection 

- Does not allow negativity in a space- will turn negative vibrations to positive 


Note: Item may vary in size, shape, colour and/or texture and may have blemishes as this is the nature of natural crystal 

The evil eye charm is made of gold plated material. It is suggested to keep it away from moisture and water, avoid purfumes and lotions near them, store in a closed bag or box when not being warn. This material may fade over time and with use. 

Evil Eye Selenite Bracelet

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