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Thumb stones are oval shaped, polished gemstones used for relaxation or anxiety relief. They can be used by holding the stone between your thumb and index finger and moving your thumb across the stone. Doing so creates a scense of relaxation and calm, with the added benefits of the particular crystal as well. They can also be used during meditation. 

Labradorite is an amazing stone with a very unique physical appearance. It is a naturally grey/ black crystal that has a hidden glimer to it on cerain angles. It is known for the following properties:


  • Protective “bringer of light” Deflects unwanted energy
  • Encourages intuition
  • Removes fears and insecurities
  • Strengthens faith and trust in ones self
  • Calms overactive mind
  • Encourages new ideas, strength and perseverance 


Size: 34- 42mm x 26-30mm

Note: Item size, shape, colour and/ or texture may vary and blemishes may be present as this is the nature of natural crystal

Labradorite Thumb Stone

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